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Bronx Restaurants in the AIA Guide to New York City, Revised Edition (1978)

Schlitz Inn, 737 E. 137th St. NW cor. Willow Ave. The last of many restaurants that once served the German community of the South Bronx. Today its fare consists of simple dishes and, naturally, Schlitz beer.”


Dominick’s Restaurant, 2335 Arthur Ave. bet. E. 186th St. and Crescent Ave. A restaurant without a menu. Small. Hearty. Delicious. Reasonably priced. Try it at lunchtime when the regulars drop in.”


White Castle (eatery), 552 E. Fordham Rd. SE cor. Lorillard Place. This is not a recommendation (what can a 20¢ hamburger be made of?) nor for atmosphere – it’s all rather utilitarian: stainless steel and aluminum, cramped, and dingy. Rather this purveying machine for fast food, open twenty-four hours a day, is a lesson in how unresponsive a 20th-century structure can be to basic human environmental requirements. Free parking.”


Alex and Henry’s Restaurant, 862 Courtlandt Ave. near 161st St. Serving American and Italian food, this is where the local politicians eat. It’s four blocks from the Bronx County Building.”


Donaghy Steak House, 5523 Broadway near West 230th St. For meat-and-potatoes lovers this is a straightforward restaurant with good food and thoughtful service.”


Ehring’s Tavern, 228 W. 231st St. W of Broadway at Godwin Terrace. Good food with a German tang… and, as a tavern would have it, good drink, too.”


Barrymore’s Inn, 6471 Broadway at Mosholu Ave. Colorful mayor Jimmy Walker is said to have used this out-of-the-way restaurant (when it was still called the Riverdale Inn) to have some privacy (and pleasant repasts) during his amorous adventures with dancer Betty Compton.”


Marie’s Cookery and Restaurant, 5652 Mosholu Ave. opp. Tyndall Ave. Armenian and continental cooking is how this neighborhood restaurant characterizes its menu. Wines available. Open at 4:30 for dinner only. A pleasant spot.”


Dominick’s Restaurant, 2356 Westchester Ave. NE cor. Parker St. For over a century a good place to eat. Italian food. Down a few steps from the street. Moderate.”


I Boschetto Restaurant Restaurant, 166 Gun Hill Rd. cor. Tiemann Ave. Starched tablecloths, gleaming glasses, and hearty Italian food in an out-of-the-way place. Moderately expensive.”