100 Best Tracks: Record Labels


Record labels determined by pitchforkmedia.com.
When a song was released by more than one label the larger label was used.
Label ownership determined by wikipedia.org and discogs.com.

4 Comments on "100 Best Tracks: Record Labels"

  1. There’s two locations in Maryland – one’s Baltimore, but where’s the other, the one further south? It looks like it’s over Annapolis, which would be weird I think. Is it supposed to be DC?

  2. I’m dying to know which record label is located in central indiana. It’s a midwestern anomaly- every other one is located on a coast- even if only the coast of a great lake.

  3. The UK blob is so big it needs it’s own breakdown. Sadly, I fear it would just be London wearing a big red nose.

  4. @Nora: both the Secretly Canadian and Jagjaguwar record labels are located in Bloomington, IN

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