100 Best Tracks


Data gathered from pitchforkmedia.com, wikipedia.org, discogs.com and allmusic.com.
Where multiple release dates existed the earliest was used.
Genre was determined by the first style listed for the track’s artist at allmusic.com.
Where that was not available genre was determined by pitchforkmedia.com and/or the artist’s myspace page.

Pitchfork Media’s 100 Best Tracks of 2008 can be found here.

Corrections are welcome.

19 Comments on "100 Best Tracks"

  1. I wish we had something like this for ads that came out in 2008.

    I love all this stuff, it’s fantastic by the way. Like visual porn, you know!

  2. So Paul Westerberg’s 49:00 wasn’t considered one track or do Pitchfork have something against Paul Westerberg?

  3. That genre chart has a really narrow range. Half of it is just subgenres of indie rock. : /

  4. Indie rock is so fucking gay, every fan thinks is so fucking special and unique. Fuck that this shit is multiplied every year, and now more than ever in the public eye. I know a guy who listens to MGMT who’s favorite band it TI fuck you! Heavy Metal will never die! Eat shit nigger!

  5. isn’t allmusic’s genre labels really more of concern? and post-punk revival is a genre. indie rock is like an umbrella.

  6. ironically, i bet most of the “indie rock” as a genre on their top 100 was actually released by a major label or a label with major affiliations, ownership, or distribution.

  7. jadenguy – allmusic.coms genre labels are much too broad to be interesting, at least in my opinion.

    slim – wait a few days and see your implied question answered.

  8. I like this pie chart.
    I also like pie.

    Do you have a pie chart, that shows the 100 best pies, as rated by pie charts ?

    I don’t care for charts, really .

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