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  1. It’s a sort of quasi-topological exploration of the consequences of observing that the shape of Texas is vaguely reminiscent of the shape of India, isn’t it? Except it goes a bit pear-shaped when you get to Finland/North Korea. Discuss.

  2. Okay, if you think of a world map with Saudi Arabia is all the way to the West and Italy all the way to the east, everything goes in roughly geographical order.

  3. Richard… China is bigger than America! Ribbles… not really. I can agree with Tom, but I still don’t get it!

  4. As a Texan exile, I find the idea of New Mexico as Pakistan to our India very much amusing.

  5. It all falls apart once you realize that this makes NYC Prague and Trenton Berlin.

  6. I was born in Saudi Arabia, grew up in Hungary, attended college in Slovakia, moved back to Saudi Arabia, and now live in Oman.

  7. I grew up in the Czech Republic, went to college in Hungary, and then moved back to the Czech Republic where I primarily listened to a radio station out of Germany. Makes sense to me. (As long as we don’t talk about my move to Kuwait.)

  8. I went to Vietnam a few times as a child, but we never really left the tourist trail.

  9. Um, what’s Yugoslavia doing there? And there are Croatia and Slovenia, but none other of the former Yugoslav countries- Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia…

  10. OK, I figured out that all ‘countries’ share a border with at least one ‘country’ that exists in reality. But I don’t understand why India/Texas is special, nor do I understand why Yugoslavia exists. I like the whole concept of map puzzles though!

  11. also, if russia and mongolia we’re switched it would help bring south and north korea back into play. currently they’re sort of isolated, relying only on each other.

  12. Eugene & Jose…
    When this map was posted, 2005, Serbia was still united with Montenegro, and it called itself Yugoslavia.
    Anachronism fail.

  13. Puerto Rico is a clear candidate for the Philippines. My only question is” Where’s Burma/Myanmar?

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