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  1. I am so glad someone is finally saying what we have all known and struggled with silently for so long. Thank you, Dorothy, for giving voice to the silent pantless.

  2. See, I always thought it was impossible to parody a Jack Chick tract cause they parody themselves so well …short of replacing every reference to “Jesus” with “Delicious Ham” apparently, I was wrong.

    Oddly enough, have you ever gotten a JC tract on yer car or mailbox? They seem to a southern/west thing, not so much Long Island or Greenpoint.

  3. I picked up an anti-evolution Chick Tract in the dinosaur hall of the Natural History Museum about fifteen years ago, not having any idea what it was.

  4. i’ve seen those tracts mainly stuffed in bus stops – this is in adelaide australia. the anti-roleplaying games one was my favourite. they are quite morbid, but not to the extent of strangling someone with a pair of pants?

  5. OH. MAN.

    I was JUST THINKING only yesterday that someone has to parody those Chick Tracts. And my prayers have been answered.

    I think I vaguely remember receiving a Tract in my candy bag one Halloween. I suppose the Good Christian Neighbor who gave it to me was hoping that I would be saved from the evils of Satan and Halloween and candy and the like, but I probably took one look at it, flipped through the pages with mild interest, and then tossed it aside in favor of eating more Tootside Rolls.

    I’ve never felt so free.

  6. I have been afraid of Pauly Shore for years. I never got the pants connection until now. Thank you for showing me the way!!!

  7. No, no, you are all heretics! It’s DRESS SHOES that are the source of all evil in the world! UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES! Remember what Saint Woody said on Cheers: Jesus wore sandals. Socrates wore sandals, Ghandi wore sandals. It’s not the PANTS, the secret is the SANDALS! God Himself told me so. It was only when mankind moved away from open-toed footwear, that the Fall from Grace began.

    Therefore, obviously, I have no other course of action besides to invade your countries, behead your leaders, and forcibly convert all of you to Sandalianity.

  8. Wow, apparently I’ve already been “taken in” by the evil pants cult, because I find this comic a huge waste of time.

  9. Well done brother! Keep up the fight against the panted!

    On another note, I’ve always had a particular problem with Chick tracts. I hate seeing comics used for evil.

  10. Wow I was seriously depressed about violence in the world and my utter inability to free even my own psyche from the temptations of self-destruction and rage–but this cartoon has given me the first guffaw I have had in weeks.

  11. Yes. This issue has been swept under the rug for far to long. And now more than ever we should pay attention. May 4th is no pants day, just around the corner.

  12. At Burning Man, there’s a much-mocked trend called “shirtcocking” or “Donald Duck-ing” [from Donald’s bottomless sailor suit outfit], which is (usually men) wearing a shirt (to protect against the sun) but no pants or underwear. In 2006, a group held a “Shirtcocking Reclaimed” parade, where slogans shouted were very similar to this comic. I only wish they’d known and been able to use “epantsication”!

  13. Malex, was that “Epansipate yourself from mental slavery/None but ourselves can free our minds?”

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