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  1. The latest c&g comic has provided more than one kind of inspiration for this trainwreck of a paper i’m writing on McLuhan. Thank you and nice graph.

  2. So, what is the super long song here? Stairway to Heaven? Or maybe something classical?

  3. See, I’d guess the long one to be Alice’s Restaurant, but I think it’s a bit shorter.

    But what jumps out at me most is the 6:29 spike. What are there, twelve of ’em? (or some multiple thereof)

  4. At first I thought the long one was Pennywise (that bro hymn song).

    Either way my guess is it’s a track with a long space of nothing, and then something afterwards. If i’m wrong it’s probably some classical thing.

    I dont want to know. Mystery is the best policy.

  5. I’ll bet a grand sum that the long one is Komar & Melamid!


  6. Evidently you’re not into Prog Rock at all, or you’d have quite a few tunes over 20 minutes.

  7. 21:59 = Sandy Bull – Blend! Ok, so my version is 21:56 but it’s gotta be it! I’ve always been impressed with how good a 22-minute song can actually be.

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