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  1. Jad Fair was active earlier than 1979 if you count Half Japanese (1976/77), possibly active even earlier as a solo dude, on cassettes and maybe 7″. Also, though started in Michigan, I thought that by the time these releases came out, they were living in DC or the NY area. (They had a really strong connection to DC artists, including half of their band in the early 80s, so I think they had relocated to DC by then; and Jad Fair moved to the North Jersey Suburbs at some point.)

  2. I’m assuming you’re the Dan I think you are, in which case I am certain that you are correct. (Maybe you are a different Dan who is also correct.) Where do you think Jad Fair would have been living in 1991, when the compilation he was part of was released?

  3. Also, put Tiger Trap over in Sacramento (and maybe even a gray Lois line from them to Courtney Love) and I’m pretty sure Kicking Giant were in Olympia by this point. Their “Secret Teenage Summer” cassette from 1991 has an Olympia po box, but it could be a matter of months either way.

  4. yawn. if you really want to be creative, write songs and start bands. rock journalism is so overrated (and over-commodified).

  5. @squatchasaurus This chart is more creative and took more effort and care than your shitty comment, you fucking dumb dick.

  6. I’m 7 years too late, but great chart and hella in depth! I would just add:

    London area- Mambo Taxi, Bloodsausage, Skinned Teen, Heavenly, Voodoo Queens, Cornershop, Comet Gain, Linus, Jacob’s Mouse, Sister George, The Pastels, Thee Headcoats

    DC area – Unrest, Tsunami

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