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  1. Well hello there Amy Grant! Peeking up in that “CCM” there down there in 1991!

    However, even though she remains the best selling CCM artist of all time, her early 90s hits (“Baby, Baby” “Ev’ry Heartbeat Bears Your Name” “That’s What Love is For”) were from the period when she’d left the Contemporary Christian Genre ghetto. Some creepy-Christian fans felt betrayed by this move — even more so by soft-rock-heavy-petting jams like “Next Time I Fall,” the duet with a pantingly lustful Peter Cetera. To some, she became an apostate, a whorish Jezebel forever stained by the sinful secular realm into which she had fallen. And then she divorced her husband to marry Vince Gill and their fears were confirmed.

    So don’t anyone interpret that bit of yellow to mean that in America some Praaaaise Jesus shit has ever or will ever make it to #1 on the pop charts. Not EVEN in America, perhaps I should say.

    I’m sorry I know so much about Amy Grant. I’m stoned.

  2. Actually, Greg makes me feel less strange about my childhood obsession with Amy Grant. Thank you, Greg.

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