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  1. I’m impressed with the turnout from New Brunswick. I suppose they’re the other Canadian hipster province. Neat.

  2. sometime around when you left on your journey, the artistic quality of cat & girl strips declined dramatically. i thought the two happenings were related. as you seem to have returned safe and sound yet the strip hasn’t returned to its former glory, however, i don’t know what is up.

    what is up?

    ps) ur comix still rox0rz!!!11!!!1!

  3. I live and go to university in New Brunswick and can say for sure it’s kind of hip… maybe. There are two record stores in the entire province, so maybe not. And I DID see a guy at meal hall the other day with a Zombie Joseph t-shirt. I stopped him and told him how cool he was. I then found out he lived in the same residence as me and told him to come down and visit me sometime. He never came.

  4. What is up = I have returned to the United States, but do not yet have a home where I can hang my scanner. I really hope February will be that month.

  5. Hooray for Canada!
    And a sort of lackluster, “we can do better” hooray for Alberta.

    Hey, what do I know? I’m too poor to buy the book.

  6. Wow. I expected VA to be like the rest of the south (pale to middling blue). Richmond’s hipster/geek contingent must be reaching critical mass.

  7. yay for the return of quality cat and girl. does this mean you found a place to hang your scanner (figuratively… i think)? yay for you, too, then :)

  8. As much as I enjoy dining at Ipanema, I suspect most of the Cat and Girl books are going to the DC area, rather than to Richmond.

  9. Vermont is currently buried under more than two feet of snow. Moving there may be non-ideal at the moment. Most of the time, it’s pretty nice though.

    I’d have to advise against #7 New Hampshire, though. It is a lot like Vermont, but upside down and Republican. And that has made all the difference.

  10. As one of the Australian buyers, I recommend that you do not move to the Australian Capital Territory. You would be sad. But it does have a lot of, shall we say, nerds. Hence the buying.

  11. As a resident of sweden, which came in seventh, allow me to express my outrage over that we didn’t get a map ( smÃ¥land!). by the way, Cat and Girl is a very clever comic.

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