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  1. I know Star (Wars/Trek), Harry (Potter) and various superheroes named “Man”, but was there any dominant series pushing up the others?

  2. Harry – 8 Harry Potter movies + When Harry Met Sally… (all nine)
    War – 6 Star Wars movies, War Of The Worlds (missing 2)
    Love – Let’s Make Love (1960), Love Story and From Russia With Love (missing 6)
    Star – 6 Star Wars movies and I’m guessing 2 Star Trek movies (the first and most recent ones were top grossers in their respective years) (missing 2)
    King – LOTR: Return of the King, King Kong (x2), Lion King (missing 6)
    World – Around The World in 80 Days (1956), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, War Of The Worlds, The Lost World: Jurassic Park (missing 7)
    Man – Spider-Man (x3), Batman (x3, maybe x4), Iron Man (x2), Superman (maybe x2 or x3), Rain Man, PotC: Dead Man’s Chest (all 11)
    Girl – Funny Girl and maybe Mean Girls are the only ones that come to mind. (missing atleast 11)

    What movies did I miss?

  3. Be sure to catch my upcoming production, “War is a Man’s World, But King Harry Loves the Girl from the Stars.”

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