8 Comments on "Double Indemnity"

  1. For completists, add 6520 Drexel Avenue, Los Angeles, to this map – that’s where Raymond Chandler lived and wrote the screenplay for the film. The modest house still has a nice noirish look to it, like it hasn’t been updated since 1944.

  2. Wheels within wheels, mtk. 6520 Drexel Ave would be between Beverly and Wilshire at about the left edge of the map.

  3. I’ve never seen Farewell My Lovely – I’ll try to.

    Now if there are any New York movies that would work well on a map – that would be fun. This map is the closest I’ve ever been to Los Angeles apart from listening to Marketplace.

  4. this is such an amazing site! i’ve been reading for a couple of years, and you never cease to surprise and delight me with your graphics and subject matter. thank you!

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