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  1. What order did you use…? It looks like you go top down, but I could swear I counted some multiple instances… add noise, for instance… but I must be wrong, because I don’t think you’d let a detail like that slip by.

  2. Mr. Chen IS the Cheshire Cat…

    About 3/4 of the way down there are a few that remind me of one of the (very) old Desktop Textures for the Mac, I think it was the one called ‘Lumps in my Oatmeal’.

  3. Wow. I wonder how stressing this was on your processor.
    How long did it take? I know that if I tried to do something like this, I’d literally take all day.

    Also, Mr. Chen is a shining beacon of awesome, as usual.

  4. Since this went through a good number of pure grey/black screens, does that mean that any picture would give the same results? Are there factors that change the later filters given a black screen? I wonder if there is still some stuff left from the original image, or just calculations that could go a variety of ways…

  5. autism makes life interesting.

    that was brilliant. my face hurts from laughing while scrolling for the last ten minutes. :F

  6. you know that after you applied the clouds filter, you created a new random image using your foreground and background colors despite whatever was there before…

  7. Uh…yeah. Wonder what it would be like if you started with an image that has little difference in foreground/background….?

  8. What, no Actions file for me to apply these to all my pictures?

    Btw, the clouds filter will always cover up your pic. So might as well just start with that one. :)

  9. It’s like saying…” what if I mix all the colors of paint in the same bucket?”

    You get noise, mud. After five filters, you have pretty much made mud.

  10. If you had changed the colors from the beginning, something else than black and white, the result wouldn’t be so gray

  11. And after death, nothing. This feels like “The Last Question” or the end of 2001 or The Time Machine — anything that gives us that temporal vertigo.

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