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  1. Wow, who knew the factory floor was so progressive. 30 years of gender equality in the manufacturing sector. All I can visualize is Laverne & Shirley putting a glove on a beer bottle as it whizzed by…

  2. Very interesting! I’ve always thought of architect as a job that occurs more frequently in popular culture than in real life, although maybe not as a leading role.

    It’s interesting that male teachers are slightly more common than female teachers in movies.

  3. Where did the data come from? What is “all movies” here? How were occupations coded?

  4. All movies are the top ten highest grossing movies per year (domestic), 1926-2010, according to Wikipedia. Occupations are as listen on imdb or Wikipedia, where available. Putting those occupations into broader categories was done personally and laboriously, with that hand of human bias skimming frequently, I am sure, through the results.

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