13 Comments on "Lost Worlds"

  1. Poor North Vinyl Siding! So far from God, and so close to Sewagetown…

  2. Wow that’s awesome. A bit back in a conversation about every neighborhood nowadays having its own acronymed subneighborhoods, we started jokingly calling the area you’ve got as “McGolrick” GrAMPa (GReenpoint Around McGolrick PArk) which I think has a certain pleasant ring to it.

  3. This is fabulous! I would also buy this on a t-shirt (and several for my neighbors!).

  4. “McGolrick” will always be “Winthrop” to me and mine (4 generations!!)

  5. Oh, goodness yes. It’s all too, too true. You’ve really nailed this one.

    And take it from a local, you really don’t want to miss the stunning bike tour from Garbagetown through Sewagetown.

  6. i really miss South Vinyl Siding, even though i’d debate its southern border.

    this map is officially make out of facts. let these sub neighborhoods never be called by any other name.

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