32 Comments on "Missed Connections: Where, Exactly"

  1. It looks like the first part of it says

    “Al’s,” assumedly a reference to Al’s French Frys [sic], which I miss dearly from California.

    And then I think it’s “Price Chopper” underneath, which I miss not at all.

  2. Price Chopper fits.

    I’m confused by True Colors for Massachusetts. Massholes MC people in Cyndi Lauper songs?

    Also: New Hampshire is, indeed, the Walmart of New England.

  3. So theoretically, I shouldn’t be going to New Seasons to do shopping (which I try not to do anyway) – I should be looking for a date.

  4. The blackout areas confuse me. Comparing with the below map, we know they’re dining establishments or stores, but…WHICH ONES?

  5. Does the “Kro’s” in Kentucky stand for “Kroger”? That’s really not surprising that my state is split between Kroger and Wal-Mart. Thanks for the laugh. :)

  6. I wish there were Whole Foods all over South Louisiana. There’s only three in the state, one in Baton Rouge and two near New Orleans.

    Complicating things: The most active South Louisiana CL outside of New Orleans, Lafayette, has Missed Connections items mixed up with Indiana’s Lafayette.

    I am somewhat proud, though, there there were no missed connections at Wal-Mart when I checked.

  7. The name of the store is “Kroger,” not “Kroger’s.”

    This always drives me crazy.

  8. michelle,

    They key is really that kroger is short for “mister kroger’s fine emporium of good eats”

  9. Does that “Silverado” over Oregon represent the famous gay bar in Portland? It’s hard for me to imagine a whole lot of missed connections in a tacky jewelery store.

  10. Oh, the whole west coast makes me proud in it’s wal-martnessless.

    This is lovely. Thank you for making it.

  11. So nobody “misses” anybody in Indiana? Or is it that people in Indiana aren’t looking for anybody?

  12. people really have to stop missing connections at wal mart….your killing all the mom and pop missed connections….really.

  13. @maryr: I suspect that “True Colors” refers to Cyndi’s True Colors Tour, which recently swung through.

    Cyndi Lauper is a patron saint of gay men and gay activism. Some proceeds from the tour go to PFLAG and marriage equality and the Human Rights Campaign; and Cyndi was joined by Joan Jett, the Indigo Girls, Margaret Cho, and loads of other gay and gay-friendly acts. If you put that many gays in one place, many connections will be missed and made.

  14. @Dude: Nobody who uses Craigslist in Washington goes to Starbucks unless coerced. Trust me on this one.

    @Scott Robinson: and Cal Anderson Park is in Capitol Hill, which is the hip(ster)est part of Seattle. It doesn’t surprise me that Craigslist users meet there a lot.

    (former Washingtonian here, now living in SF)

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