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  1. Good map. Your coloring scheme might be ill-advised, though. Better to go with a set of complements, or a nice gradient.
    It would also be interesting to see this for Community Board areas (a political group) or a finer geography, like census tracts, instead of zip codes.

  2. I love the color scheme. One look at the key, and you don’t need to refer back to the key again. The Asian/black “tie” is the only one that’s hard to keep in mind — perhaps it could be represented with yellow and black diagonal stripes?

  3. Yeah, good job but you should change things! Like altering the shape of the map so it looks more like a dude playing a guitar. And adding sea monsters.

  4. The inclusion of New Jersey in the symbolic guise of an old Gypsy woman would also be advisable. In design school, we call this perspective.

  5. Yes, yes, perhaps you should add some dinosaurs, pink linens, silverware, Spode, a tiny television playing Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, a water cooler, a Tiny Tots playset, the London Bridge, an acoustic bass guitar, a sailboat, the Rocky Mountains, Ira Glass, a merchant on a gondola in Venice, two DVDs (Schoolhouse Rock Vol. 1 and The Red Violin), a karate champion, and a green farmer’s ballcap with a yellow patch bearing a combine and the words Midwest Choppers. Also, some Vietnamese people.

  6. huh! i wonder how “largest minority” is defined? the part that throws me off is the category of ‘white persons, not of Hispanic/Latino origin.’ that’s certainly not a minority in the united states; but, up in washington heights (which is labeled with that category), there’s a HUGELY hispanic population, and so i suppose the NEXT greatest population- or, the ‘largest minority’- would be white people?

  7. hispanic/ latino isnt a race. it’s used as a catchall term for a region of racially ambiguous people. when i fill out the census it takes us (racially ambiguous hispanics) a while to figure out if were a)black b)hispanic.

  8. I think I would base it on which group’s musical performances I like best. If I was a Shakira fan, I would put down hispanic, but if I was into Ludacris, I would put down black.

    In all seriousness and with no offense meant, I thought black generally implied ‘at some point originating from Africa.’ The ethnicity question on the application for my New Zealand university listed nine or ten different European nationalities, several Pacific Islands and Asian countries and then just ‘African’ or ‘South American.’ I had no idea what to put because ‘North American’ wasn’t an option.

  9. The Washington Heights/Inwood part definitely looks like a milk bone or other doggy treat.

  10. This map sucks! Anyone who knows anything about NYC knows that State Island is almost 50% Italian (meaning white, but according to this map it is Asian and Latino). Also, The Upper West Side all the way to Midtown is considered Hispanic…yeah ok, its all white yuppiesl. Washington Heights is considered black, Harlem is considered white, and the South Bronx is black? 40% of the Bronx is Puerto Rican and another 20% are other Latino groups!

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