Popular Artists


Number of band/artist members determined by wikipedia.
Band/artist first active determined by wikipedia.
When wikipedia information was unavailable, date of first release
or date of myspace page creation was used.
Artist year of birth determined by wikipedia.

11 Comments on "Popular Artists"

  1. The band comprises its members, not the other way around.

    to comprise (third-person singular simple present comprises, present participle comprising, simple past and past participle comprised)

    Definition: To be made up of; to consist of.

    “The whole comprises the parts.”

    To include, to contain.

    “This box comprises all my belongings.”

    (informal, traditionally considered incorrect) To compose.

    “A team is comprised of its members.”

  2. I really enjoy the information presented here, but I must take issue with the specific graphics you chose. Side by side pie charts are very much frowned upon by the statistics community. In his book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Edward Tufte even goes so far to say that it is the least useful form of presenting information possible. Maybe a different kind of presentation would work better?

    Sorry to be an asshole! I do really, really like the visual design of your charts. Keep it up!

  3. Elliot – I’m stealing from their posters, if anything.

    Alex – I haven’t read Tufte in about eight years. It is probably time to do so again.

    Ian – Market Deco.

  4. You get that question a lot. Maybe you should rename the blog: “very small array, featuring Market Deco.”

  5. Too bad there’s no obvious place on the page for a FAQ link.

    I guess “number of band members” means permanent members, not how many session musicians are credited for a specific track.

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