9 Comments on "TEE SHIRT PROPOSAL"

  1. As proposals go, this is right up there with champagne, roses & a giant diamond in a hot air balloon. Where do I order one?

  2. That’s a pretty hysterical shirt…and living in DC, it’s depicting a pretty common characature/character. Only thing I can say is that the guy looks decapitated with the yellow (and not white) collar. Not that it’d be such a bad thing for these peoples’ heads to come off…but it would be more accurate for the guy’s head to be up his ass:P

    CafePress it! Or do you silkscreen?

  3. I would LOVE this, were the t-shirt any other colour. Seriously, ANY other colour. But the design is great.

  4. A CONCEPT ONLY. But yeah, I have no idea why I made the collar go away.

  5. Maybe you made it go away because somehow you knew that it would delight me. This might be because of “vibes” or “moonbeams.”

  6. it need to be made into a real t-shirt and in another color. most people look horrorble in yellow. it would sell.

  7. it looks pretty orange, to me, but i like it in just about any color. i do think you should make the right shirt cuff disappear, too, though, since the left does.

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