15 Comments on "Thank You Australian Capital Territory"

  1. “unless you really, really like hardcore pornography and fireworks.”

    “also the heroin capital”

    Good enough for me!

  2. hardcore porn, fireworks, heroin and POLITICIANS! like that it sounds so criminal, glad i’m moving soon. =P

  3. Ontario gets a poor showing in your ‘I should move to..’ in this and previous years. Where’s the love man?

  4. You should compare how much it costs to get the books in each respective currency. I know getting them to New Zealand cost me $105 NZD. That’s a lot of love.

  5. ACT… must love house parties. Or, sort of,“clubbing.”
    What’s most interesting to me is that it increasingly wants to be like Melbourne… or maybe Sydney… or maybe… Melbourne… or maybe do our own thing…? …no, Melbourne, maybe.
    A city with a definite identity crisis in a country which may or may not be having one, also.

    Anyway, was just discussing with my sister why the ACT might have not made it onto the map graphic. Is it too small to have it’s shape simplified that much?

  6. Dude! You should totally move the ACT. Once you’re there for two or three years you totally get used to it! I’m moving back there for a bit. I’ll show you around, we’ll eat dim sum, it’ll be great!

    People who aren’t from the ACT just don’t understand it’s copious though hidden charms!

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