1. I’m from New Brunswick (canada) and I love cat and girl. In fact, I bought a copy of the book, although it’s still in the mail. And though I may have been the only one in my province of 757,000 to get the book, I’m sure my province loves Cat and Girl more than the Yukon. And I can see Maine out the front window, across the bay (I live near ocean). And I don’t understand how they aren’t cat and girl fans either.

  2. I live in Nova Scotia and am very much a fan of Cat and Girl (and the Vandervoorts too). , I’m wearing my ‘capitalists do it ruthlessly’ shirt right now. Anyway, since my adoration for Cat and Girl is so strong, it should make up for the ignorance of the rest of the province. Nova Scotia definately loves C&G the most! :)

  3. Nova Scotia vs New Brunswick: who loves cat and girl more?

    And we both joined confederation in 1867.

  4. You’re right – I had forgotten a folder of orders. Mistakes have been mended, and New Brunswick is restored to its rightful glory.

    No such luck for Nova Scotia. Or the Yukon.

  5. Need more statistics. Percentages, ratios, uniformity and randomness of geographical distribution, linear dispersal pasterns.

    Trend Surface Analysis. Imagine it. It would be wonderful.

    (excuse me; I often fail to talk in full sentences when faced with stats whilst sleep deprived.)
    (I brought the book. It’s great, I’m one of the Southern England populous.)

  6. I also bought the book and am in Southern England. But I’m in London, where we like Cat and Girl a lot more than anywhere else in the UK does. In your face, the rest of England (including those parts of Southern England not in London)!

  7. ME:

    Supporting Cat and Girl in Northern England Excluding The North-East since 2005

  8. Hey Adam, my copy of the book has been round the coves of Cornwall, so in your face south east England! We’re reading it pirate style!

    (Mind you, I go to university in Norwich, so maybe the east isn’t so bad…)

  9. Well I’ll be. I thought I was the only Cat and Girl fan in tiny South Australia, but it appears you’re quite popular, Dorothy. Show yourselves, Adelaidians!

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