3 Comments on "The Orchestra (Part Three)"

  1. Love it, but is PageRank really an adequate metric for “topness”? My experiments with your search terms suggest not…

    The results don’t surprise me though. I think the appearance of the first male harpist on a professional concert platform will be a bigger shock than all of the other departures from tradition put together :-)

    I found this:
    in which a (female) harpist appears to speculate that women choose the violin because it’s “easy to carry”. Ermmmm… huh?

  2. I did spend some quality time searching for ANY curated list of American Orchestras, but with no luck. The google results were, at least, something to go on.

    And I wanted to spotlight my favorite biography of any musician – that of Martin Eshelman – “A descendant of pre-revolutionary American colonists, he met his wife, Kazuyo, during the Philharmonic’s 1970 tour of Japan. Mr. Eshelman is a fly fisherman and maintains a large collection of toy soldiers.”

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