Nobody cares about Delaware

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16 Comments on "Nobody cares about Delaware"

  1. Well, at least Illinois is linked to Chicago and has a decent average rating compared to other parts of the country. But damn we need more movies here. I guess there’s only so much people can say about Chi town?

  2. How is The Fighter the highest rated film for New Hampshire? It is both filmed in and set in Lowell, MA!

  3. You guys made A mistake. Forest Gump(8.7) is higher rated than Full Metal Jacket(8.4) And Forrest Gump was actually filmed there

  4. And Maryland gets all the John Waters films. Is that good or bad? I think even he’d agree that it’s both.

  5. Nobody cares about Delaware??? What about “Fight Club?” They blow up the main offices of the major credit card companies. Had to be Delaware.

  6. Didn’t Mr. Deeds Just go to town? Mr. Smith went to Washington. Someone needs to get their Capra straight. And I bet New Jersey’s earliest movie is awesome!

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