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  1. I think the elevated line King Kong destroyed was Sixth Ave, not Third. (It was two tracks, and he was in chains on Broadway so would have to cross Sixth to reach the Empire State Building.) Since almost all the elevated lines were still standing in 1933 it seems odd not to show them, especially the Culver and West End lines which already had through trains from the subway by 1933. Also, there is nowhere for trains to turn around at Union Square.

    http://ugcs.net/~arapp/subtimeline is a timeline of maps showing the state of subway and elevated service every 5 years 1875-2010.

    http://ugcs.net/~arapp/timelines/sandy is a timeline of maps showing the recovery of service from Sandy, each day since October 26.

    http://ugcs.net/~arapp/prekong.png is the actual state of subway and elevated service in early August 1933, and http://ugcs.net/~arapp/kong.png is my attempt at an immediately post-Kong recovery plan. Mayor Hylan announces free emergency bus service replacing the affected lines and free rides on the largely-unaffected IND; denounces the private transit operators for continuing to collect fares during the disruption.

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