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  1. That isn’t the only region tagged with a country it has a conflict with. The same thing happened in Pakistan and countries surrounding Israel. Cuba was also tagged with “revolution”, which is similar.

  2. India and France have the same top keywords?! But the differences in content…

  3. Why are the Koreans sad? Isn’t it more sad and slightly disturbing that so many countries are filled with people thinking about death and murder? I actually don’t blame the Koreans for wondering about each other, especially the South Koreans for wanting to know what their crazy neighbors are up to.

  4. I’m curious — these are then for the keywords of movies that are mostly made in the U.S. or dubbed for an English audience? I’m sure the map changes if the keywords are taken only for movies made in each country for a domestic audience.

  5. Russia, Brasil, Iran, Spain and Greece only need love. And someone in Italy is searching for a beautiful woman. So typical, haha))

  6. Yes, these are keywords at imdb, which limits it to movies that are made for/have reached English speakers. I would love to see a similar map from another country or language perspective. So sorry about Georgia – just the limits of gif technology.

  7. If you look up and select “yemen” as a keyword a list of co-occurring keywords will appear on the right side of the page.

  8. Oman doesn’t even pop up? It’s not that bad. But then, I guess it’s better than being tagged with “Blood” or “Death.”

    But definitely I do need to visit Ecuador some time soon.

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