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  1. Here in Washington we don’t fear Bigfoot. We embrase him! Hmf… Shoulda put Ogopogo or the giant Pacific Octopus. *lol*

  2. Um, hello, Ohio – dreams? I don’t think so. More like Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my. Well. That or obesity.

  3. Delaware is zombies just like Pennsylvania if two states have the same thing and border each other than the are colored the same and share one word, look at Oregon and Washington

  4. Momo the monster was also one of the rides at Six Flags Over Mid America (now Six Flags St. Louis).

  5. Today is “John Carpenter Day” in Bowling Green Ky. Last week he was in town and participated in events at the “Warren County Asylum” haunted house. He was given a key to the city as well. He grew up on Chestnut street, which is mentioned in the movies of “Halloween”. Also mentioned in those and other of his movies, Smallhouse road, Richardsville Rd and Smiths Grove Ky (which is also in warren county). I didnt get to visit the Asylum, but thanks John for helping make it a really big event!

  6. I assume the “Clock in the wall” from Michigan comes from John Bellairs book “The House With a Clock in its Wall” which is set in Michigan and was used in the Vincent Price TV special “Once Upon a Midnight Dreary.”

    In which case Massachusetts should have gone with his robot from “Eyes of the Killer Robot,” the spookiest fucking book ever.

  7. Oh man I can’t believe no one else has said what an amazingly awesome shirt this could be.

  8. MOMO, huh? I live in MO, have for decades, and never heard of it. Thought it might refer to Museum of Modern Art, but The Nelson isn’t like that place. Then I thought it might refer to Macrosomia, Obesity, Macrocephaly and Ocular abnormality, but then… not.

    So, “Missouri Monster” eh? Kinda pedestrian.

  9. Huh never knew Iowa is supposed to be destroyed by a virus, then again we do have some of the worlds last remaining supply of smallpox.

  10. While the Cthulhu Mythos has a lot of fans in Tennessee, we don’t really worry about Cthulhu coming to get us specifically. We are landlocked, after all.

    Besides, we have plenty of local spooks to worry about. There’s the Bell Witch, Skinned Tom, and the Wampus Cat for just a few specific examples.

  11. I think the virus in Iowa refers to the movie The Crazies which to place in Iowa

  12. PA’s zombies likely refer to Monroeville being the setting for Dawn of the Dead. It’s a bit of a stretch, but TN being Cthulhu could be the Evil Dead, which focuses on the Necronomicon. Long stretch, though, since they share nothing in common aside from Lovecraft.

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