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  1. Exactly, Meredith. West Virginians are afraid of Mothman! Ain’t no cannibals there. Sheesh.

    And in Arizona, it’s the spiders AND the scorpions. Double-trouble!

  2. How were these all figured? Mainly curious how pennsylvania and kentucky won the honor of ‘zombie’

  3. travis, pennsylvania received zombies most likely because of george romero, god of the zombie genre.

  4. Nah, in Tennessee, it’s The Bell Witch.

    And, here in Arkansas, it’s the Gurdon Lights.

    And, I grew up in FL and AL. Ghosts is accurate for Alabama, the state that incubated Katherine Tucker Windham.

  5. I believe it, about the vampires in California! Vampires are all the rage in Hollywood these days.

  6. Kentucky likely got zombies due to 1985’s Return of the Living Dead, where employees at a medical supply company in Louisville, KY accidentally unleash a toxin that reanimates the dead. *SPOILER ALERT* The Army ends up nuking Louisville. This is also the first movie where the zombies said “Braiiiinnnnnssss!”

    Also, even though the Halloween movies are set in Illinois, all of the place names are from the area surrounding Bowling Green, KY, where John Carpenter grew up.

  7. Mississippi – Racism -REALLY???? More like RED NECKS! I ought to know, I live there! Red Necks scare non-southern politicians so they should qualify.

  8. Brandon-you made my day with your accurate Haints instead of ghosts. I thought that word long forgotten. We who are they appreciate your accuracy.

  9. 1) It’s Daylight Saving Time, without the ‘s’.
    2) I fail to see how that will destroy Indiana.

  10. In Michigan, the clock in the wall refers to one of the books authored by John Bellairs, who was born and raised in Marshall, MI. It was called The House with a Clock in it’s Walls – a mystery/thriller book for young adults. This book is a story about an 11 year old boy and was set in the 1950’s in Marshall, MI. John Bellairs and my father were childhood friends.

  11. Vampires in Alaska don’t even make sense. If you can’t generate body heat, Alaska winters will freeze you in minutes. I don’t care if you’re immortal, every cell in your body bursting can really put a kibosh on that whole terrorizing the villagers thing.

    Also 24/7 sunlight in the summer.

    Freakin’ 30 Days Of Night.

  12. I take exception to that. Just because all we have is bigfoot doesn’t mean we’re worried that he’s “coming to get us”. I think most of us have a kind of, Oh yeah, bigfoot! kinda mentality.

  13. The Momo is like Bigfoot, only not shy, and likes to hurt animals. It is found near St. Louis. But I would choose caves for Missouri, cause it is the cave state. Or the legend of the Albino Farm, which the movie was named after.

  14. The clock in the wall? What? Never heard of it.

    How about Dog Man?

    How about deadites? Ashley Williams is from Dearborn, he brought a few home to S-Mart.

  15. Huh. Weird. I’m from St. Louis and I’ve honestly never heard of that in my life. I’d better start getting scared now.

  16. For michigan I’d say its safer to say a bill collector or forclosure =\! We can handle everything else.

  17. Vampires in Washington (hello, Twilight, remember? Up there in Forks?)
    And The Walking Dead is situated around Atlanta Georgia, home of the CDC! (highest watched cable show ever in TV historywas season 2, episode 1 this month!) Best to keep up with the Telly, peeps…

  18. For Michigan, how about the Necronomicon? Evil Dead and Evil Dead II are quintessential Michigan movies.

  19. Apparently, Delaware isn’t in any danger since it’s not even considered a state on here….

  20. How did anyone get FL = virus? Pretty sure we’re more paranoid of alligators on our porch or giant pythons in the Everglades…

  21. for the Vermont one, Champie should actually be Champ. =) just thought I’d say something.

  22. I just want to say that Wisconsin is prepared for the zombie apocalypse (we have a zombie raid task force available 24/7).

  23. you forgot the Exorcist Steps in DC and shouldn’t the Giant Ants from Them been in New Mexico? ;)

    At least Cthulhu gets billing TWICE! but why Tennessee?

  24. Ghosts in Alabama? More like freakin’ leprechauns!! If you think the leprechauns are coming to get you say yeah! Hide your kids hide your wife…

  25. SPIDERS…well no wonder they scare the heck outta me…even gamesville says to be afraid of them? lol

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