8 Comments on "Schedule C Principal Business or Professional Activity Codes Table, Part 25"

  1. I like how you got Stalin’s eyebrows (eyebrow?) right, but what do he and Lenin have to do with Technical and Translation? (Again.)

  2. Being a consultant, I never thought to wear a pith helmet to work. It would go great with my shorts, though…

  3. Obviously Lenin spoke about a billion languages (Communists get to choose one superpower each).

    Stalin’s shortsighted plan for super-industrialization, particurly in Ukraine, did a lot to put the USSR less far behind the rest of the world technologically. For serious on that one.

  4. Xoe, you sir have won the internet. the comment about communists getting super powers explains a lot. i think stalin choose “paranoia” which is more of a mental disorder then a superpower, but lets not tell him that.

  5. Dorothy’s fun is completely understandable. The translation guy turned out looking like Lenin, so Stalin was inevitable. I’m waiting for Kruschev.

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