11 Comments on "Schedule C Principal Business or Professional Activity Codes Table, Part 40"

  1. I’m perplexed by 434930 – He (she?) doesn’t seem the type. An outstanding achievement all the same.

  2. What you do on this site deserves hyperbolic praise. I’m talking Pitchfork review type praise.

  3. Is that actually the whole thing? Am I now qualified to file a US tax return by pictogram?

    I’m tickled by the contrast between the obsessive level of detail in some categories and the vast sweep of others. Tortillas and miniature golf courses both need specific mention, but ‘chemical and allied products’? Daah, whatever those test tubey guys get up to, it all looks the same to us…

  4. You’re submitting this to the IRS for publication in next year’s Schedule C, right?

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