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  1. A year and a half later and it’s still hilarious at how so many people can miss the joke. Love it.

    And I guess I never realized that there were theories contrary to his suicide. I guess I could have assumed, given his popularity…but by this point logic should have won out over any doubts people had. “Should” being the key word here.

  2. Logic!?!?!? Okay than please explain how one man can inject seven times the lethal dose of heroin and valium into his system, place the syrenge several feet away into a cigar box, come back, sit down, roll down and button his sleeves, and blow his head off with a shotgun!! You can’t!
    Face it a second party was there whether you choose to admit it or not!!!!!……..yes, I’m obsessed but can you honestly blame me?

  3. When you die, I hope people make a mockery out of you too. Maybe your family will get a good cry out of it. You don’t have the right or privilage to do this. This is completely out of context, you are stepping out of bounds. I hunger for your website to suffer fatal database errors. You have my email.

  4. Why are people getting angry or paranoid at the actual truth?

    He’s dead. Face it.

    Also, I’m amazed that a silly little image like this attracts so much attention. It’s been nearly 2 years, and the spam keeps going.

  5. Dorothy, can we please have the privilege of purchasing a t-shirt that says “Now all I want to do is punch 12 year-olds!” ?

    If you make some, I’ll buy 5.

  6. Actually, Kurt Cobain is god..He was the last gifted rock singer if you ask me…He didnt do it for fame he wnated people who felt like him to relate then it became a fad…Maybe do some reading on him before you sit here and talk shit…Its not his fault he had depression when he was 8 yrs old because he was always let down…and then he started taking depression pills proscribed to him…so at 8 He was a pill-head…that lead do his drug abuse…he relied on them but not because he wnated to..because he was so messed up since he was a kid…so to talk shit about him…I say this….Fuck You, ur prly some R Kelly fan or something..ur a fucking bitch

  7. And Nirvana was not an Emo Band your a fucking retard whoever called ppl who r protesting Emo’s…That makes you a fucking retard…Sorry ur opinions do not count because you guys dont have any intelligence

  8. Dorothy,

    What about a similar T-Shirt with Jim Morrison and the words

    Laissez-Lui Crever en Paix

    (it sounds better in French) which is what I used to scream at the top of my lungs everytime I heard a Doors song (which was about every five minutes) in bars in Paris around the time the movie came out.

  9. thats not funny at all the person who did this must not reolize that just because he is dead his fans will not tollerate such blatent ignorance or stupiity and will rise up in anger and protest. and their numbers grow daily his music still has meaning and will forever

    rest in peace Kurt

    die courtny

  10. If you made a shirt that had a picture of Mozart on it saying I’m still dead, would there be the same outcry? Why or why not? Discuss.

  11. well… he is dead. but since its a word bubble coming from his mouth it either means the t-shirt is of the ghost of kurt or zombie kurt. i think ghosts are funnier than zombies.

  12. can you post a link to a higher resolution of this? cause it looks perfect. people could just print out the iron on. :D
    it’s amazing.

  13. Good Lord, this is still going. And getting funnier by the month.

    So, show of hands. How many of the subliterates who came here solely to flame everyone who makes fun of Kurt actually listened to his music when he was still alive? Because your parents sure made fun of him (and listened to his music) then. Hilarious times.

  14. ….NOT FUNNY !!!
    u can`t do in all your life what this man did in only one song :(
    God damn it
    it really sucks guys

  15. look, it’s over and done with. this has been going on for long enough. for everyone out there face it- he’s gone. he drank a barqs root beer and then was either killed or killed himself but it’s done. all we can do is love his music and respect his memory. you can’t bring him back and there will always be haters- but really all they’re doing is spreading his lovely name. they can’t stop people from loving him all they can do is make ignorant people aware of his existance and then maybe they’ll look him up and see the true genious that he was. complaining does nothing but upset you and no one else. i’ve been ranting about kurt fo years and he will always be my # 1 man but people are sick of hearing about it. live. life. love. whatever happened he’s happy now.

  16. funny shirt.
    But not as funny as the comments. Thanks to all the commenters who got their panties in a bunch. That made my morning!

  17. Not that anyone in the outrage parade is gonna read this (and it seems to be winding down anyway), but I think a guy who wrote songs with names like “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” and “I Hate Myself And Want To Die” could probably take a joke.

  18. The best thing about dead people is their unwavering ability to take a joke.

    “Damn it, Kurt, I said ‘KNOCK KNOCK’!!”

  19. It’s funny because of some youtube video from a few years back , (I can’t seem to find it right now) where some fan of his has videos and photos of menthat resemble him in the flesh (all of them being like, NEW, random people) with her swearing to the grave that Kurt’s still alive and hiding out as other people . The woarst part is she’s completely serious ! Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a huge fan of Kurt and Nirvana , but , the irony is just odd.

  20. Fuck all of yall. None of u really know anything about Kurt. Neither do I but, all of u, including the guy who made the shirt need to show some respect. u wouldn’t wear a shirt like that with ur uncle or dad’s face on it. The bunch of u should go eat shit and die!

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