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  1. very very funny. i work in a high school with kids who were *born* in 1990. and they wear those pathetic tshirts about kurt dying as if they have a clue.

  2. I think it’s funny. I think even Kurt Cobain would find that funny (if he wasn’t dead, obviously. Although it wouldn’t make mush sense if he wasn’t dead. Ah, who cares?).

  3. Did he find anything funny? I think he would’ve pretended to find it funny, because it didn’t offend him and he wanted to be polite, then he would have blown his brains out. Isn’t that sort of the point?

  4. i dont really get it. duh he’s still dead. no one ever said he wasnt. but kurts kick ass and you all kno it

  5. Still funny for “the Holidays,” and talking about it is more fun than beating a dead horse (fewer flies, too).

  6. Jonathan- Kurt had a sense of humour even if he did kill himself (which isn’t certain). Why comment if you don’t know a thing about him? Even when he was depressed he joked and appreciated jokes, dumbass.

  7. Don’t worry, Ilnaz. I know it looks like I’m a member of the Evil Courtney Cabal sent to make fun of Kurt, but I’m undercover. I’m actually only pretending to make fun of him. The truth is, I am on your side, and I, too, spent the last 77 hours googling the names of my favorite musicians to flame people who mocked them. We shall overcome.

  8. Gar, dis tee shurt is liek ttly an 0uTrAgE!!111!11!11 OMG curt was liek a jenius and u liek shudnt make fun of hiim!11!11!1!11!11one1!11!

    I’m really sorry, I just had to do that. The shirt’s fucking hilarious. Stop whining, emo kids.

  9. hey everybody kurt is the nicest and hottest guy ever so if you ever think about critizing him think twice. this shirt is pathetic!

  10. I like Kurt Cobain, but I still found this funny. Why is everyone getting all mad about it? The fucker is dead, but that doesn’t mean that now everyone is not allowed to laugh at him sometimes.

  11. uh ! That is not funny ! Kurt was and is the greatest singer in the world ! and he would not think thats funny !
    Im still dead ? are you retarded or ?
    RIP Kurt Donald Cobain ;*
    the world will always love you

  12. what is everyone bitching about?!? yea i love kurts music and i have done a lot of research on him and his life but seriously….people are going to say what ever they want to say! GET OVER IT!!! just because some shmuck says something about him doesnt mean he is any less great in our eyes! but really they should make a shirt like that for TuPac! for all the dumb fucks who think he faked his own death! lol now that is something to get a good laugh over!!!!!

  13. i dont think its that funny and it really doesnt even make any sense, what? did someone think he came back to life?
    and i dont think making a joke out of his death is funny if someone you loved died and then you heard someone make a joke out of it would you be laughing? personally i think he’s still alive in his music and how millions still buy the cds and get inspired from his music…\
    ur an idiot if u actually thuoght this was soo funny,
    grow up.

  14. I agree with the last comment. Some people might think this is funny and that is their own opinion, but they shouldn’t post things like this. It’s just disrespectful. And no, it really doesn’t make sense. If you have something mean to say. Don’t say it.

  15. WTF that isnt even funny you people have the worst sense of humor I have ever seen I hope you walk infront of a bus

  16. The existence of this shirt is completely justified by this comment thread.

  17. HEY, kurt is not dead. he is very much alive…just not in person, but his music is still played and listened too and his words and lyrics will never leave this earth!!!

  18. hello im from argentina i love kurt cobain and he s music. send me mensges i love Nirvana!!!!

  19. dude what the hell is your problem, he was a fantastic nusician and he is dead and it was very tradgic and all u can do is pay him out very un-cool.

  20. Kurt Cobain died when the first punk said “Kurt’s not dead, Kurt’s not dead”

  21. u know wat people that is not funny….its fucken sad…..all u stupis ass’s out their that thing its funny go suck a dick…..i love kurt and i hate anyone that talks bad bout him…and if u don’t even like his music y tha fuck are u even on this page…wat just to talk bout him and make fun of wat stupid people like u laugh at….well its not funny….wat if one of ur family members died and people starting making shirts that said im sure u wouldn’t fucken like that ha……don’t talk shit bout kurt cuz it ain’t even funny alright u stupid morrons out their go somewhere else instead of living ur stupid comments….

  22. i vote funny. This shirt is the conversation you have in high school if you never listened to nkotb and didnt care about grunge because you were 10.

  23. Terribly funny. I’m a big fan, and I would wear this shirt with neither hesitation nor qualm. all you cobain-hater-haters, how is pointing out that he’s still dead saying anything bad about him, or in anyway contradictory of the fact that he was a genius?

    in fact, its being the satirical flip-side of the Elvis is Alive movement makes it seem, to me, perfectly fitting and well suited for his core fanbase.

    Kurt’s still dead. Of course he is. That’s why I wear mis-matched plaid every year on April 7th.

    Status check? Terribly funny.

  24. It is not funny or rude, just lame. 99.99999 percent of folks will think that this is the stick up man from law and order. Kurt was unique and talented and I continue to play Nirvana. It’s tragic that he killed himself but not completely surprising. Rather than posting misspelled, poor grammar stupidity on websites like this, broaden your musical tastes and get a life.

  25. Here’s what I wanna know: Does Dorothy have a much wider readership than is usually obvious? Because the, um, tone of many of these posts is so different from what’s usually posted here. It sort of warms my heart to think that hordes of unwashed internet types are silently reading Cat & Girl, googling (or wikipedia-ing) Joseph Beuys, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, and then going back to writing talkbacks on Ain’t It Cool News.

  26. Wow, I’m kind of horrified at how pompous that previous comment sounds. But I still want to know how the tone of comments changed so radically on this one. Were all these people reading all along, or did google just tip them off that there was a new forum to squabble about Kurt Cobain?

  27. Is there a connection between fandom and the inability to spell?

    And are all the people calling Dorothy “dude” under the impression that she is a man?

  28. its funny, no dought about it, its dumb humor haha…..and i think kurt would think it was funny too

    its even funnier that people are offended by it though

  29. why is that funny? Kurt was a legend and he’ll always be a hero for me. Kurt Cobain = #1 with Dimebag Daryl.

  30. i think that the mobius strip of teen hood angst-cool is co-opting the previous generation’s dead rock stars as idols. but then again, has a rock star died since michael hutchence?

  31. I love the wankers who get uptight about this stuff. It’s not a particularly funny pic. Kurt Cobain WAS a talented musician, though he by no means deserves the god like status he is sometimes given. But the thing about the net is, if something is simply mediocre, it will fade into obscurity, but if it is mediocre and offensive to some vocal minority, it becomes popular purely for the fact it is eliciting a response. So the next time something offends you, the best way to fight it, is to simply ignore it.

    That said, it’s actually pretty damned funny.

  32. at first I thought this was offensive. I am hardcore obsessed with Kurt and do not believe he killed himself, I do however believe this shirt is just stating an obvious point. I do not see the point of this shirt but if someone wants to waste a part of their life, then I see no reason to throw a fit. Kurt Cobain was much more than just a legend. He was everything, a devoted father, loving husband (despite the wench he was married to), and a musical genious. He was a god on earth and I hope whoever killed him gets theirs in the end.

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