15 Comments on "Still Big in Vermont"

  1. I like that hole in Saskatchewan. Because NOBODY lives in Saskatchewan.

    Also, the big empty space that is Newfoundland, because Newfies are too dumb to read.

    Canadian in-jokes are so fun. :D

  2. You mainlanders are too self-absorbed with yourselves to notice anything outside of the GTA.

    Inter-provincial fighting is fun

  3. Oh Vermonters, such good taste… *happy sigh*

    Meanwhile, I asked my Massachusetts book store to order a book for me and the next time I visited, it was featured (well, front out, not spine) in the graphic novel section, so I like to think I helped out.

  4. The Pacific Northwest does seem to be your speed.. though whenever I lived in DC I never saw any C&G related stickers of any sort.

    well, … you know maybe cold is overrated. Or maybe you should translate Cat and Girl to Spanish. HA.

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