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  1. This was a neat idea. I live in Kansas and I’m rolling my eyes about all of the idiots complaining about the Chiefs…but I think that it’s funny that what Kansas is “famous” for isn’t even in our state. Just goes to show that there’s not much good about Kansas.

  2. I got “Alaska Senate Race” as my first for Alaska, but I think that happened since I actually did a search on “Alaska Senate Race” a couple of weeks ago. The one underneath was “Alaska Airlines”.

  3. Wow there are a lot of people in the Midwest in a tizzy. Chill out, it was a snapshot of searches used for an interesting visual. I’m sure if the Longhorns weren’t horrendous this year and the Rangers hadn’t gone as far as they did it would have shown differently for Texas.

  4. Does it really matter if you are getting a different search suggestion from where you sit? I’m pretty sure the autocomplete feature on Google changes depending on what other people are searching for that day or hour, and (as others have mentioned) whether you have location-based searching turned on or not. It’s just supposed to be for fun! And to make you think about what a lot of other people are using Google to find.

  5. I think I enjoyed the fact that people found something like this on the web – didn’t read the point or purpose of it, and decided to correct the person doing it as if it was some important document.
    “Wrong! Furnature is not from North Carolina!” “Why would you put New Mexico State University – everyone knows that the most important thing in New Mexico is Truth or Consequences!” Please don’t tell these people why this is proof of their stupidity – just please let people continue so I can laugh at them.

  6. Funny that NJ’s is about getting the h**l out of NJ and into NYC…

    Also, Maine vacations? Really?


  7. The Oregon Trail Card is used for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Food Stamps). With unemployment hovering between 10 and 12% over the last couple of years, it’s sad but not surprising that Oregon Trail came up.

  8. This is a cool idea. But “Washington Post” is a mistake. The name of the state is Washington State. From that, the next word I get is “ferries.”

  9. I just did rhode island with a space on the end and I get this list in this order:
    “rhode island college”
    “rhode island dmv”
    “rhode island hospital”
    “rhode island election results”
    “rhode island department of education”
    “rhode island lottery”
    “rhode island secretary of state”
    “rhode island news”
    “rhode island weather”
    But I am IN Rhode Island. Creepy Google knows this and must know that very few Rhode Islanders get to go to the the exclusive school of design here (RISD). It’s really, REALLY expensive and has a bit of contempt for what it considers “dumb” townies (like most elite schools).
    When I attempt this search from another location via a proxy service (tor) I do indeed get “rhode island school of design.” What is not listed, but perhaps telling is the second link… which is “rhode island novelty”
    “Dumb” working class unwashed locals of the world unite!

  10. Amazing how few of the commentators seem to have the sense of humor required to enjoy this kind of instant survey

  11. I love it.

    One thing though. I am from Washington and have lived my whole life having to tell people I live in Washington State to differentiate from Washington D.C. Most news papers and programs say “Today in Washington” meaning D.C. and say “Today in the State of Washington” or “Today in Washington State”.

    So based on that the results for Washington State is Washington State University and for Washington D.C. Washington D.C. Metro

    Love the Map!


  12. One More; The full name for Rhode Island is Rhode Island and Providence Plantations and based on that the result is Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Name Change

  13. Brian, clear your history and try again. if you are running Chrome your history results are in a different color and separate from web results.

  14. Please make more maps?

    This is too much fun, I’m hooked, I have always loved word games.

    Rules: 1. Clear your History 2.Use 1 space after entry 3.Use note pad, edit with time and date at end.


    North America (map)
    South America (Map)
    Australia (map)
    Europe (map)
    Africa (map)
    Antarctica (cruise)
    Asia (map)

    As Adjectives:

    North American (title)
    South American (countries)
    Australian (shepard)
    European (wax center)
    African (mango)
    Antarctic (cruise ship)
    Asian (pear)

    6:56 PM 12/9/2010

  15. single digit numbers 0-9

    0 (financing)
    1 (corinthians 13)
    2 (player games)
    3 (t.v. arizona)
    4 (chan)
    5 (guys)
    6 (pm)
    7 (zip)
    8 (mile)
    9 (11)

    7:10 PM 12/9/2010

    1 Corinthians paragraph 13 is known for the much quoted verse 13: Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.

  16. TIME:

    1 o’clock (in spanish)
    2 o’clock (girl friend)
    3 o’clock (high)
    4 o’clock (flowers)
    5 o’clock (somewhere)
    6 o’clock (scramble)
    7 o’clock (on the dot)
    8 o’clock (coffee)
    9 o’clock (in spanish)
    10 o’clock (news)
    11 o’clock (comics)
    12 o’clock (high)

    7:39 PM 12/9/2010

    I’m going to be studying these

    for the rest of the night! It

    looks like I can get high twice

    a day; at 3 and 12 after spanish

    lessons at 1 and 9… YEAH!

    So here’s my new schedule:

    Spanish lessons at 1, Hang with

    girlfriend at 2. Get high at 3.

    Pick flowers at 4. Go somewhere

    at 5. Fix scrambled eggs at 6.

    Be somewhere at 7 on the dot.

    Meet someone for coffee at 8.

    Spanish lessons again at 9. Do

    something newsworthy at 10.

    Trade comics at 11. Get high

    again at 12.

  17. if these are regional then the artist must live near me (Brooklyn, NY). I got almost every one the same except: Maine Coon (vacations second, i’ve searched maine coon before), California Election Results (prop 19 is after pizza kitchen). So if these results are skewed to NY that explains nevada smiths. All you people talking about how it’s regional- make your own maps so we can compare them… that would be cool.

    the people talking about KCK/KCMO aren’t stupid, they’re responding to the thing about washington. But if they go to the power and light district they’re supporting a racist establishment.

    meanwhile… there’s a movement to buy the original rules of basketball and bring them to KU…


    If dead presidents did a Google vanity search:

    Step 1: Title + name (President Barack Obama)

    Step 2: Name search only (Barack Obama)

    Step 3: Differentiate name only results from civilian name results.

    Step 4: Cancel out all repeating results.

    Step 5: Cancel out libraries for every president after Hoover.

    Step 6: Only do a nickname search if the nickname is one of the results.

    Almost all results contain: facts, biography, timeline, quotes, family tree, accomplishments, and genealogy. Assume one or all of these are results of every search.

    The above results are sponsored mostly by:


    George Washington

    John Adams = descendants

    Thomas Jefferson

    James Madison

    James Monroe

    John Quincy Adams = children

    Andrew Jackson = spoils system

    Martin Van Buren

    William Henry Harrison = death

    John Tyler = children

    James K. Polk = state historic site

    Zachary Taylor

    Millard Fillmore

    Franklin Pierce

    James Buchanan = gay, homosexual

    Abraham Lincoln = was assassinated by…, hotel, was killed with

    Andrew Johnson = impeached

    Ulysses S. Grant = was elected in 1872 because…,scandals

    Rutherford B. Hayes = education, childhood

    James A. Garfield = pictures, assassination

    Chester A. Arthur = state historical site

    Benjamin Harrison = home, administration

    Grover Cleveland

    William McKinley = assassination, high school

    Theodore Roosevelt = is often remembered for…

    William Howard Taft

    Woodrow Wilson = ….and the league of nations

    Warren G. Harding = called for

    Calvin Coolidge = state historic site

    Herbert Hoover = ordered the, and the great depression

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt = new deal, great depression, death

    Harry S. Truman = used an executive order to…, atomic bomb

    Dwight D. Eisenhower = nickname

    John F. Kennedy = inaugural address, secret society speech, assassination

    Lyndon B. Johnson = Vietnam war, civil rights

    Richard Nixon = Watergate scandal, resigns

    Gerald Ford = referred to inflation as

    Ronald Reagan


    Jimmy Carter (hospitalized)

    George H. W. Bush

    Bill Clinton = diet, impeachment

    George W. Bush = greeting troops at dfw, mailing address

    Barack Obama = email, scholars program


    George Washington (University, bridge)

    John Adams (hbo)

    Thomas Jefferson (school of law)

    James Madison (university, preparatory school)

    James Monroe (high school)

    Andrew Jackson (University)

    Martin Van Buren (dollar, high school)

    William Henry Harrison (dollar, high school)

    John Tyler (community college, coin)

    James K. Polk (song, lyrics)

    Zachary Taylor (dollar, death)

    Millard Fillmore (hospital school of nursing, suburban hospital, dollar)

    Franklin Pierce (University Goodyear, university, college, law center)

    James Buchanan (wins election of 1856)

    Abraham Lincoln (vampire hunter, traditional school)

    Andrew Johnson (impeachment, reconstruction)

    Ulysses S. Grant (civil war)

    Rutherford B. Hayes (presidential center)

    Theodore Roosevelt (lake, national park)

    William Howard Taft (high school, university)

    Woodrow Wilson (center, high school, born)

    Warren G. Harding (scandals, kkk, high school)

    Calvin Coolidge (days)

    Herbert Hoover (high school)

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt (memorial)

    Harry S. Truman (middle name, scholarship)

    Dwight D. Eisenhower (army medical center)

    John F. Kennedy (jr)

    Lyndon B. Johnson (mask)

    Ronald Reagan (airport)


    Jimmy Carter (rabbit)

    George H. W. Bush (health)

    Bill Clinton (vegan, health)

    George W. Bush (book)

    Barack Obama (approval rating)

    Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and JFK start their own support group.

    James A. Garfield, James Buchanan, James K. Polk, James Madison, and James Monroe decide to start a new gang, the James Gang, and take over the White House.

    Presidents Wilson, Madison, Cleveland, McKinley, Franklin, Grant, Jackson, Hamilton, Lincoln Jefferson,Washington, Eisenhower Kennedy, and Roosevelt all get kidnapped and ransom notes appear stating payments can only be paid in the Presidents own denomination.

    1:23 AM 12/10/2010

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    Pre School = games
    Kindergarten = worksheets
    First grade–seventh grade = Math
    Eighth grade = bites
    Ninth grade = slays
    Tenth grade = bleeds
    Eleventh grade = burns
    Twelfth grade = kills

    3:21 PM 12/10/2010

    So I guess we learn to socialize in Pre School then start writing things down in kindergarten. Then our whole world is nothing but math from first grade through seventh. Once we enter eighth grade teenaged angst sets in and we write novels about the horrors of junior high and high school. So we enter the educational system playing games and end writing novels about killing. And then I remembered this:


  21. The Secret Life of Men

    Monday = night football
    Tuesday = morning
    Wednesday = night TV
    Thursday = night football
    Friday = night lights (NBC TV show about football)
    Saturday = night live
    Sunday = night football

    6:49 PM 12/11/2010

  22. these are warped by location. your searches are affected by your location, so if you google your state name it will most likely be differnet than the maps answer.

  23. Uhhh…to guy who said that RISD doesn’t like “dumb townies”: I am a sophomore there and I am from RI. From Gloucester actually, the towniest of RI towns. Think before you start spouting shit.

  24. The level of stupidity in some of these comments.

    “This is wrong!” “No one cares about ______!”

    It’s not wrong, you idiotic fools. It’s just a map of AUTO COMPLETED PHRASES that differ for each person. You really have trouble understanding this, don’t you?

    I assume you also have trouble understanding the concept of toast.

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  27. How did you create the map itself? I would like to do a similar project with my students and allow them to input graphics or colors or images into each state in US Map.

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