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  1. Hahaha So many of these are so resonant, that I laughed when I read them. From NC, and used to work for a furniture company.

  2. Kind of sad for Washington — they’re the only one that the autocomplete doesn’t have anything to do w/ their own state.

  3. The Washington one didn’t show up for me, but maybe that’s because I live in Washington, and never look up the post. Kinda skewed by the person searching.

  4. I don’t get it.

    I type Virginia into Google and it comes up with Virginia Tech as about the fifth thing down. Virginia DMV comes up first for me.

    (I am not logged into Google)

  5. I feel very proud to be from Illinois, where apparently our people our desperate to gamble at any opportunity.

  6. Change the Kansas one cause the Chiefs play in Missouri (Kansas City, Missouri) – Should have Googled it. And I guess change the Missouri one then cause you messed that all up.

  7. @Blake: Why would you tell someone to change the graphic that they made? Besides, it is not a matter of making sense, it is just whatever showed up in autocomplete.

  8. I’m guessing that you did not disable Google’s location based searching. I’m not even sure that it is possible to disable. You will get quite different results depending on your location.

    But a great idea, thanks!

  9. to everyone saying kansas city chiefs are from missouri: i don’t think you understood the exercise

  10. asdf et al.: On behalf of my fellow Jayhawks (and probably some Missourians there too) sorry… it’s a reflex. You get so used to correcting people you do it without thinking. Hopefully some folks (doubtless all the Kansans) were only correcting Mike in Astoria.

    I was just happy to see that “Wichita” doesn’t autocomplete to “Wichita Falls,” a much smaller town in a different state.

  11. i think people are upset about the kansas city chiefs thing because people in KCMO and people from KCK hate one another with such a deep, deep passion. i’ll admit, it stings a little to see the chiefs on the other side of state line.

  12. I think the most telling thing about this exercise was that people objected to the accuracy of the Kansas City Chiefs, without noticing, say, the Washington Post or Montana Fisburne. Unfortunately, our interest in universities reflects no love of knowledge or intellect.

  13. There is not a Maryland University as far as I know. It’s U of M…so that’s too bad for terps fans.

  14. Rhode Island & Design! What we have been saying for years! The World & Now Google Proves It! The World Thinks of Rhode Island They Think “Design” & The Rhode Island School That Made Providence & Rhode Island A Leader!

    Providence & Rhode Island – Go With What You Know!
    DESIGN, Design, DESIGN!

  15. Nice idea! Thank you. I’m in the UK (and logged in to Google) and my results seem much more diverse – I get the same results on only ten states, and I get a lot fewer sports teams and schools, and no ‘football’. My results include Virginia Woolf, Tennessee Williams, Indiana Jones, Colorado Kid, Illinois agility test, Oklahoma musical, Texas chainsaw massacre, Rhode Island red chicken and California Gurls.

  16. The ABC’s of Autocomplete (as-of 1:15pm)

    bank of america
    jon stewart
    kennedy center
    rally to restore sanity

  17. Something to keep in mind about autocomplete is that the results are tailored to your location even if you are not logged in.

    For example, I get “oklahoma state fair” when I type “oklahoma” in the search box when not logged in. I’m in the Clinton, Oklahoma area.

    When I do “kansas”, I get “kansas state university”.

    However, we do agree on “montana fishburne”.

  18. Sorry, Iowa is the Hawkeye State, known for University of Iowa in Iowa City. Hardly anyone gives a crap about Iowa State. Iowa City is a much cooler city than Ames, Iowa. It is not even close.

  19. ISU for Iowa? Really? Why in the hell would you put that? Most of the state couldn’t care less about the Clowns.

  20. I just love seeing stupid people write idiotic things, like “Kansas City Chiefs aren’t in Kansas!” You really don’t understand what this article is about do you? You probably don’t understand what very many things are about.

  21. Nevada Smiths is incorrect; which is a New York bar. Could have seen Nevada Smith… a 60s western movie. Need to turn off location-based searching when doing this!

  22. Look out, these responses are obviously full of the FUN POLICE… sheesh people, pull the stick out, it’s just fun!

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