5 Comments on "The Cold Hard Facts of Life"

  1. There’s something sad to me about the idea of the 3 1/2″ disk as nostalgia. I mean, it’s absolutely right, I used those in college, and the picture of them does give me that little nostalgic jolt — but I remember when they first appeared (over 20 years ago, egad), and were such an improvement over previous floppy disks.

    And they remain the most advanced form of the floppy disk (unless you count ZIP disks, and really, who wants to) — so the most advanced form of a single piece of technology can, in fact, be a nostalgic item. Like a rotary phone from the 80’s.

    Anyway, I love this t-shirt idea; it sums up so much to me. I hate the way these things make me feel; I hate being so “easy”. Why does a reference to Pac Man make me feel like sunshine and lollipops?

    It’s like, I went to see the movie AI with a friend, and when it was over, she was sitting her chair, crying, and saying “damn you, Spielberg!”

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