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  1. Sadly, I’ve been in Tucson for nine months and other than the fact that I can afford a house (unlike my stomping grounds of San Fran), this place has NO redeeming qualities.
    Dark streets? Tucson’s got’em.
    Potholes and Mexican style paving? Check
    Lack of sidewalks? Tookson’s got it.
    Moronic tweekers who are just as likely illiterate?
    They’re in Tucson.
    Racist redneck pig police?
    Neanderthal employers who will screw you the first chance they get?
    Tucson’s got it all.
    Also: forget seeing any band you might actually like.
    In conclusion, when I can scrape together the $25 (Tucson also has retrograde wage) I’m gonna git me this here shirt.

  2. Hey!

    Tucson’s live music scene isn’t half bad considering their geographical situation.

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