9 Comments on "Schedule C Principal Business or Professional Activity Codes Table, Part 9"

  1. No offense, but isn’t it kind of weird that you haven’t drawn any black people for this whole series? Are you just uncomfortable with using cross hatching to indicate skin color?

  2. Because you never do cross hatching to indicate skin tone. That’s fine though. With your art style, it would probably look really weird. It’s hard to indicate race without going too far and ending up with sambo-looking characters. Your “Mr. Chen” drawing is pretty good though, since all you do differently is flip his nose upside down from the others. Maybe you could draw a character with an upside down nose and hair that looks a bit lumpy and the character would seem black even without the cross hatching, but it might be tough. Like on this page, maybe Depository Credit Intermediation might be black if you flipped his nose… but it would still be a stretch.

  3. I am definitely against cross-hatching to indicate ethnicity, yeah. Everyone in this series has the same basic face (no upside noses!), let’s guess ethnicity by their haircut and attire. Cross-hatching reminds me too much of some awful Sambo cartoons I shouldn’t have been allowed to read as a child.

  4. Yes, cross hatching to indicate race is bad. When I draw in black and white I just hope people can tell the person’s race. It is hard to do for asian people with the style I draw though.

  5. The most straightforward option would be to ink in the skin and indicate features using the negative space. Am I using that term properly?

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