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  1. Saigon’s not from Brooklyn, he’s from Spring Valley, NY. Also, Biz Markie is from Long Island. It’s not “NYC,” but I wish Long Island was on the map, since it’s where 75% of the greatest NY rappers are from.

    Nice attention to detail with Maino in Navy Yard and MC Serch in Far Rockaway.


  3. cool list. would love to see long island on here.

    omissions from queens: lloyd banks, pepa, consequence, MARLEY MARL


  5. Shyne was born in Belize. Busta Rhymes is from Red Hook, not Fort Greene.

  6. Yeah, I like the map, but I’m really hating the obvious omissions. I was pissed the Beatnuts didn’t make it, but no Showbiz? No Ad Rock? Super fail.

  7. Wow Biz Markie is from Harlem didnt know that. Notable mentions for Manhattan Mike D from The Beastie Boys, Kurious George, MF Grimm & Mic G Of The Jungle Brothers are from the Upper West Side.

  8. Hey
    Where are “The LOX”?? Camron? Jim Jones? …you can’t leave them out. I seriously scanned the page for Jadakiss?? WTF? and DMX?

  9. Also… WhoTF is ASAP Rocky, this kid comes from outta no where (Harlem is 30 blocks…ninja’s don’t know u), dude doesn’t even need to be on the map. Yea I said it. HATE! *in my dude from Dave Chapelle Voice* lol

  10. What about DJ Cement from Bergen Beach, Brooklyn? One of the first rapper/dj hybrid artist.

  11. did mims get on there just cuz he was the only rapper you could find from inwood? leaving out all three beastie boys, but including kid n play, mc frontalot, french montana, and mc jin? very suspect.

    also, stretch, but no bobbito?

  12. MCA is in there if you look closely. Ad Rock was raised in Manhattan but born in New Jersey so doesn’t make the cut, and Rakim was born in Suffolk County which is off this map. Kool Keith was a big fail though, he should def be in here.

  13. Some of ya’ not reading close enough ….Check again Big L IS ON THERE check Harlem, (U’ll also find Cam’ron) KRS-ONE is also listed…..HUGE EPIC FAIL for not including DMX (Yonkers) Along with Az, The Beatnuts, Mr. Cheeks, Freaky Ta (Lost boys in general) Cappone? N.O.R.E? List needs a LOT of improvement Lord Tariq? Peter Gunz? Queen Pen???? IJS

  14. the list is good..yeah 2pac is from harlem for those who didnt know! gang starr mmm guru is from boston and preemo is from texas… AZ is missing in brooklyn i dont know why people always put him apart

  15. Nice idea, educational. Definitely needs some additions, would be nice to have included some of the surrounding areas such as LI and Yonkers, maybe some of Jersey.
    Maybe best idea would be to wiki-fy this somehow and crowd-source the info so everyone can have input. I’m sure this would lead to some ‘heated’ discussions, but overall a more complete picture.
    Maybe even make it a plug-in to Google Earth so there are no limits to who can be included… at least until we see the first rapper born on the moon, which I predict will be MC Luna-tic in the year 2112.

  16. Why is Tupac here? He was born in Harlem but came out of the West Coast. Its like putting Kanye West in Atlanta…

  17. This would be awesome if it was correct and had the other mc’s that are missing!!!!!!! Shyheim was born in brooklyn…pacs from harlem…ect..ect..still cool tho

  18. Ummm….You’re wildin’, you got lil mama and lil kim, but no SEAN PRICE!?!?!?!?!?

  19. I agree that a lot of people are left off, but I’m going to go ahead and assume this was done on a whim, and just appreciate your work and the discussion you started.

    I wanted to see strong island too, and I support the open source/wiki suggestions, but it’s fun nonetheless.

  20. what an ironic ‘eye deer’ you guys have/had. I’ve been working on a Google Maps with Street View ‘Birthplace of Hip Hop Homes’ for a while now. Cheers and good luck ya phucks..lol

  21. Tupac may have been born in harlem but his parents moved him to Marin county CA when he was a little boy. He’s as Harlem as Mitt Romney. Put some of the greats you left off, rather than rep a west coast star.

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