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  1. please do Toronto, one of the most culturally-diverse food cities in the world.

  2. Well, this just shows that the Village Voice is lacking in restaurant listings for Staten Island.

    There are most certainly places to eat in Stapleton, Grymes Hill, Annadale, Eltingville, Mariner’s Harbor, Port Richmond, Tottenville, and at least half-a-dozen more communities that are not represented by this map.

  3. I think that only non-New-Yorkers can appreciate these wonderful maps. Knowing the “reality” of the dining scene is preventing you from seeing this for what it is: art, not Zagat. It’s a comment on the nature of knowledge, the pointless but irresistible desire to classify, media limitations (how much did you THINK The Village Voice would know about Grymes Hill?), the desire for community, the need for a neighborhood to feel distinctive yet trendy. But you know of three pizza places on 18th so it’s lost on you. Forest? Trees?

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