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  1. Would it be possible to also include how many restaurants there were in each category? You could include it in parentheses next to the type of cuisine.

    My guess is that all the restaurants in the middle income range are a common cuisine, so the income levels average out across the many locations. The cuisines on either ends of the income levels likely have fewer locations, so they show up at more extreme levels.

  2. The most popular types of restaurant (Italian, Japanese, Indian) are in the middle, though I believe that these cuisines are so popular that they are everywhere – so their median incomes being median is not too much of a surprise.

  3. i wanted to do something like this for baltimore but it was all just a tie between shitty late night chinese and shitty late night pizza

  4. Are they sold at the same place? You might live on my block (in a different city).

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