13 Comments on "Number of Residents per IHOP"

  1. Let’s note that the only state without an IHOP is Maple Syrup superstar Vermont.

  2. As VT has only 650,000 residents (being generous), statistically it could have as many people per IHOP as Maine, New Hampshire, Or even Massachusetts.

  3. You should change the color scale. First of all, the numbers increase downward except for the last one; 0 should be at the top. The colors should be rearranged correspondingly: lighter colors meaning higher density. As it is, it doesn’t make much sense to go from dark to white.

  4. asdf, higher numbers signify a lower density — 1,000,000 residents per ihop is much less dense than 200,000. Darker color signifies high density, white is the lowest density, which is none (equivalent to infinite residents per ihop).

  5. Red = IHOP. More red = higher IHOP density. Highest density is at the top. Switching the colours around would only make sense for an IHOP executive, showing which areas of the country need more attention.

    And Lulu has a point. Maybe VT has 65% of an IHOP.

  6. So it would appear that South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana are the kings of syrupy breakfast options.

  7. it makes sense as it is. the darker the red, the more ihops there are in that state. thats what its pretty much sayin. although each state has a different population.

  8. The most glorious day of my life was the day I realized that I could make my own pancakes. mmmmmmmm pancakes every night while I watch the Cash Cab.

  9. At first I thought this was Number of Presidents per IHOP. Can that be next?

  10. Other facts: Vermont does have two Denny’s. It does not have a Target. It was the last state to get a Walmart. It appreciates fine comics.

    Also, in Vermont, we don’t tolerate that berry syrup crap. You can’t tap a blueberry bush.

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