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  1. There are at least two Roscoe’s House of Chicken n Waffles in L.A. alone. Although you’re probably going with a statistically negligable value of “none”

  2. I assume she means the chain “Waffle House,” the dark southern twin to IHOP. A similar graph for IHOP would be awesome.

  3. I went from the darkest red to a whitest white state. My heart has slowly grown cold and congealed like so many fried eggs.

  4. Ah, no wonder. I’ve been living in waffle-less cities, which nevertheless serve Chicken and Waffles.

  5. Chicken and waffles places do not have the same backwoods scariness of a good old southern waffle house, nor do they contain a jukebox that features and occasional pop song, but mostly feature country songs about how waffle house is destroying marriages, the number of ways you can order your hamburger, or what getting your hash browns scattered, smothered, covered, topped, chuncked, diced and a few other ways i cant recall means about you as a person.

  6. My friend just got fired from Waffle House. She plans to move up to working at Cracker Barrel.

  7. I’d also like to see the locations of the Huddle House chain. Huddle House and Waffle House share the same number of characters and very similar signage. Coincidence? I think not.

  8. It’s odd that the lowest and highest values have proximate colors. Either the zero value should be black or the non-zero values should run from pink to red, ascending.

  9. Eamon, you’re reading it as the number of waffle houses, but it’s the number of residents per waffle house, in which case the colors track perfectly.

  10. This is basically the only instance in which I am pleased to be from a red state.

  11. I once spent two days inside the McDonough, GA Waffle House as my VW Bug was having its guts replaced. I think I tried every possible waffle-related item at least once. I’ll say this: waffles make car repair a heck of a lot tastier.

  12. I’m from a northern white state. I once took a road trip down to Louisville, and ate at a Waffle House. On the ride back up north, I passed several Waffle Steaks. Did you include these in your map?

  13. For the record: The closest Waffle House to New York City is in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, approximately 75 miles west on Interstate 78.

  14. True Georgia Stories:

    One time on a long car ride we wanted to stop for breakfast, but the Waffle House we were parked at looked totally full. From the parking lot my friend says “Is that a Waffle House sign over there?”

    Sure enough, less than half a mile away, was another Waffle House.

    It was not as crowded.

  15. try the cheese steak omelette its sooo goood first time i had one i was tripping on mushrooms and been a fan ever since

  16. Way to ruin the mood Chris.

    One time i stayed at a waffle house from 2 am to 6 am. What a breakfast. I went home and slept til about 2pm and then went to have a 2nd breakfast there.

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