5 Comments on "Goodbye, Queens"

  1. As usual, well executed but couldn’t you combine the Gender and Home diagrams (and, perhaps, Average Age) into one single 2D- or 3D-ditto?

    Also, I didn’t get the meaning of the white lines overlaying the “Married Relationships” and “Straight/Queer” drawings. Explain please?

  2. Not to worry, at least one of your friends is bound to return to Queens. That, or you might become good friends with my crazy neighbor that had the guillotine in the back alley. He seems pretty cool, though I haven’t worked up the gumption to say hello.

  3. Ian – you are quite possibly right, and that is a goal for next time.

    My Ten Best Friends in New York and Ten Best Friends in the City where I Live diverge for two years. Because I was living in a different city. I’m still looking for a decent and succinct way to convey that.

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