7 Comments on "Missed Connections: x4x"

  1. What does x4x mean? I looked but didn’t find anything unusual about the Florida m4w posts.


  2. Lindsay, doesn’t the dissolved map mean fewer missed connections, which is a good thing?

    I feel sorriest for those poor straight New Mexican men…

  3. stephen, i’d like to think that the dissolution necessarily means that more connections are made than missed, but it just seems to pessimistic-me like an overall invisibility of ladies lovin’ ladies. but online w4w ads tend to be a wasteland of “bi-curious” girls who are looking to please their boyfriends anyway, so i bet the w4w-women have other venues.

  4. aw, no one has answered ethan! what does it mean? I googled for fifteen minutes and now I feel a little dumb.

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