Popular Names in Popular Music


First names appearing in the lyrics of the top five songs of every
year from 1891 to present. Top five songs determined by the
Billboard Pop ME charts. Lyrics determined by sheet
music archives and various song lyric websites offering great
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6 Comments on "Popular Names in Popular Music"

  1. Well, for the artist’s sake, I’m kind of glad “Mambo #5” wasn’t in the top 5 songs of its year. That really would’ve thrown a wrench in the works.

  2. What about Roxanne and Josie in the 80s and 90s?? Off the top of my memory, “Hey Jude” and “Runaround Sue” are missing from the earlier times, too…

  3. The thirties just weren’t a time of first names, were they?

    People could barely afford their family names. It was hard times.

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