7 Comments on "Where Hot Bird is Available: Nowhere"

  1. There will never be Hot Bird again, only Hot Bird.

    “Hot Bird is the name of a new bar that’s opening on the corner of Atlantic and Clinton avenue…. it’s unrelated to the old BBQ joint and won’t be serving BBQ food… There will be a pretty decent size garden… hopefully about 12 beers on draught… and as far as the opening date… you never really know until it’s actually open.”


  2. Yes, I was unfortunately reading Brownstoner at the point where we all got excited that Hot Bird was coming back. Only it was not. That bar better be four blocks back.

  3. I called the number one time out of curiosity. It was someones house. I was bummed. It’s one of the best pieces of signage in Brooklyn IMO.

  4. It was also impressively salty rotisserie chicken. We moved to PH in 1991, when there was little on Vanderbilt besides Met Food and Garden Cafe. Their food was a fabulous deal. (I wish I still had the ceramic mug…)

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