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  1. Yeeeaaahhh I have a question about Indiana also. Think you could maybe elaborate on that? I’m from IN and I still don’t know what you mean. haha Just curious.

  2. Massachusetts is the subway? I don’t think so. No one here calls it the subway; it’s the T.

  3. the most recent 100 posts are hardly a representative sample. That this is in a peer-reviewed journal and not buzzfeed is astounding.

  4. Thank god I don’t live in the state where McDonalds is the place to be for missed connections..

  5. @Brian Pyschology today is not a peer reviewed journal. It’s a magazine but yeah 100 is an extremely poor sample size.

  6. Plus the 100 most-recent posts in wintertime are bound to be different from the 100 most-recent posts in summertime. (Still, I don’t think this is intended to be scholarly, but rather funny.)

  7. JR, the state name you’re looking for is “Kansas”… Thank God you paid attention in 3rd grade geography.

  8. The data are based on each state’s 100 most recent posts. How did you determine that this method provided the most representative results? Does this method cover an equivalent time period across all states (I would expect some states to have a lot more posts per day than others based on population, average use of technology, etc.). This may give a snapshot of one day in New York vs. a week in Maine. I could envision different results on weekends vs. weekdays, different months, seasons, weather, etc. I could also imagine results being skewed by major events (state fair?).

  9. That Walmart belt is astonishing. This map (however incorrect it may be) is kind of a representative example of where people see the most people (interact if you will).
    The most perplexing ones are Georgia and Indiana… Those are 2 pretty personal places.

  10. I love this graphic – thanks for sharing it. I’ve followed 50+ Missed Connections feeds for the last 2 years for my “found poetry” blog, Lovelorn Poets. Yeah, that means I’ve read lots, and lots, and lots… of messages. :-) I totally agree with your assessment of the Pacific Northwest and NYC but I think your CA should be split between LA and SF (which is a great feed to follow). I was a bit surprised that Starbucks didn’t appear in any state, that’s a place I see referenced quite often. And no, I am not surprised by “the car” in GA. I follow Athens, ATL, and Savannah and see that all the time. If you’re ever looking for another research project, give me a shout, I can tell you lots about the missed connections poets. :-)

  11. You should have a way to share this to facebook…I would have shared this for sure

  12. Notice 7 states say “Supermarket”. Connecticut knows better. Big Y is for your rich aunt, and Shop Rite is for people that already have five kids. Stop n’ Shop is singles paradise.

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